Christine's story

Christine, aged 35 from London - See Christine's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday. Christine had nose surgery and lip lift.

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New Look Holiday - Christine's story

See Christine's story from her cosmetic surgery journey with New Look Holiday.


Video transcript

What took you to decide having plastic surgery? I was not very happy with myself. I needed to find the reason why I was unhappy. And I looked in the mirror I wasn’t happy with what I was seeing. So I found the reason and I decided to go for surgery to improve these reasons, to make it look better. What was the reason to do the procedure? Like I said, the parts what I wasn’t happy with were giving me unhappiness and that was as an example the nose. I found it too big. I didn’t feel comfortable and confident with it and it didn’t give me any comfort to walk around smiling, or going out and meeting people. I needed to change it, I needed changes and I did. What do you expect from your plastic surgery? Improvements, good results, happiness…yes. How long have you been thinking about having plastic surgery done? A long time. I’m probably thinking about a plastic surgery for five or six years, but intense the last three years. Planning on it, researching on it, finding the right surgeon, looking at pictures before and after, imagination myself with it and be confident to do it. What made you start thinking about having plastic surgery abroad? When you look into the country where I’m living in, in the UK, their prices are higher. So from my think point was, the surgeon is not going to have that much experience or practice as surgeons abroad, because people tend to go more abroad and for me it didn’t make a difference on the surgeons skills, because they’ve been trained the same way, but probably have much more practice and know much more about the surgery. And that was the reason why. How did you find the website of New Look Holiday? I did a research on Google and found a few places, but this one attracted me the most. Why did you decide for New Look Holiday? Like I said, it attracted me the most. I liked the website and I looked at the surgeons photo. I saw a smiling surgeon, which was so beautiful to see. I looked in her eyes and I saw a good person, a good soul. And I believed this is going to be a good artist behind this soul with a good heart. She looked very caring and yes, for me that was the surgeon. How was your first contact with New Look Holiday? Very good, very friendly, very welcoming, very warm, very connecting. Very, yes, amazing. How was your experience from the start? Amazing, it was amazing. Caring, understanding. Yes, I was not scared to ask, I was not scared to show my pictures, or my points what I didn’t like on me. I was very confident and I have even given food a process before the surgery, giving more confindence through emails and telephone contact with you, to give me more confidence to say, you can do it. And that wat’s make me happy. How was your arrival in Slovakia? How was the staff? Very good. Again. I had no waiting time. Arrived, walked out the door, there you were. I’ve been picked up, being driven everywhere, to my blood tests, to my apartment. I had no worries to look for a taxi or find the right address explaining anything. I had no translation conflicts or nothing. It was very, very smooth, very relaxing. How did your consultation go? Very good. I was very excited to see the surgeon. She welcomed me with a smile and with open arms, very nice. Very welcoming, very understanding. She knew straight away, what was wrong with me. Without explaining much, she knew straight away what to do. There was no doubts, there was without any question or translations complications. She knew what needs to be done and it was very, very relaxing again, because I didn’t have to explain why, or what is the reason. She just understanded me. Did you feel comfortable with speaking about your change with the surgeon? Yes, very much, because the understanding was there and she knew what I want, and she decided, we decided together and chose together what’s best and both agreed, and yes, it was perfect. How did you feel at the day of your procedure? Excited, nervous a little bit, a little bit tired because I had an early plane, so yes, excited, very excited but not scared. I knew she was going to do the job. How did you feel after the procedure? How was the after care? Very good as well. I had no much problems. At first I was a bit rough, then it gone better and better. But you were in contact with me. I felt safe. I had my tablets and everything was cared for, so I felt very secure and safe. How did you feel about the plastic surgery clinic/hospital? How was the treatment of the staff? The treatment was very good, very caring, I haven’t seen them a lot because I was half of the time asleep, but they were smiling at me. That’s the last bit I remember before I went to sleep. They were making me feel very comfortable and comfort and very very sweet. How was the apartment you stayed in? Very good as well, very clean. I had everything I needed. I had comfort. I had everything around me what I would have needed, if I needed to go anywhere. Yes, it was very comfortable, I felt very home. Do you have the results you wanted? I have received better results as I expected. And I have reached exact that, what I wanted. Yes, more than I thought is going to be like. I’m amazed. How did you feel about the town Košice? Unfortunately I haven’t had the time because it wasn’t the right moment to look at the town, but what I have seen at the first day was very beautiful. I like the town. I like the snow. I love it, I was very lucky to see that. It doesn’t stop snowing. Yes, the people were very helpful. I was walking out yesterday, so few could speak English and I like it. It’s nice. Would you recommend New Look Holiday? Yes, without any doubts. To my family and friends or to anyone who would like to have surgery. I would one hundred percent say, this surgeon, this clinic is one hundred percent trustworthy and will give the best to make you happy and will not upset you.


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