Private Cosmetic Surgery

How to choose the right private cosmetic surgery clinic?
How much does private cosmetic surgery cost in the UK?
What should I know about cosmetic surgery abroad?
Affordable cosmetic surgery

How to choose the right private cosmetic surgery clinic?

As aesthetic surgery is getting not only more popular among population but also more available, it is being used by more and more clients worldwide. The statistics depict rapid increase in number of clients.


This fact has caused several interesting consequences. One of them is that as the number of clients is rising, so is the number of medical centers.

However, some of them can barely be called “medical” and the care provided by these centers is questionable.

How much does private cosmetic surgery cost in the UK?

This is in many cases the most decisive factor to many clients. Private cosmetic surgery costs a lot of money in the UK, so it is reasonable and it makes sense to save some penny when it comes to having a surgery done.

You can find attractive offers promising almost everything for a little money. You should be always careful when you spot such a tricky advertisement.

What should I know about cosmetic surgery abroad?

This kind of plastic surgery holiday package can save you a lot of money as the prices of surgery outside the UK are a lot lower and thus cheaper. But please, be patient, precise and inquisitive when it comes to the surgery itself.

Don’t fall for too attractive offer. Our company, the New Look Holiday has a long term experiences in providing professional healthcare focused on aesthetic and plastic surgery packages.

Affordable cosmetic surgery

Our main goal is to make our clients satisfied and happy with the results and therefore we never promise, either perform, surgeries which are not appropriate or suitable due to certain facts, such as medical condition of the client or simply because the surgery is not needed yet.

We provide professional guidance and consultations where the client is fully informed and explained all necessary information.

Although we offer discounts when combining surgeries, we never take the choice when it seems to be harmful or risky for our client. Our aim is to do everything professionally, save and with respect to the client.

Post operation care, so called aftercare, is also very important and therefore our interest in the client doesn’t end by performing the surgery. We offer consultations after the surgery and we are always happy to see and be in touch with our clients even long time after the cosmetic surgery.

Such approach gives us the valuable feedback and references, it gives us the chance to improve our services and have even more satisfied clients.

Affordable cosmetic surgery is a reality with the New Look Holiday Company. Come closer, apply for a free consultation and find out personally what we can do for you and the services available for you. We will do our best to leave you satisfied with perfect results and a new look. 


Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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