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New Look Holiday now accessible on social networks

Get a chance to receive interesting offers and reduced price

As social networks become part of our everyday lives, New Look Holidays is now accessible to all of you through the biggest social networking media Facebook and Google Plus. Via social networking New Look Holidays team are currently working on regular updates for their fans, special offers and discounts for the combination of treatments and packages. Get to know them and their staff better, get in touch with their team members and ask directly whatever may interest you or whatever is not clear about the way they handle your treatments abroad. They are preparing special offers for their fans, they will share information videos, ‘before and after’ surgery images, advice from their leading surgeons and other interesting features from the area of medical tourism. You will be able to interact with those who underwent their treatment in Slovakia and hear from them directly, if they were satisfied with New Look Holiday’s services and the overall experience.

Facebook is a well-known social networking system and doesn’t need a special introduction. Create your profile and become a New Look Holiday Facebook in order to get a chance to receive interesting offers and reduced prices on some of the treatments, especially if combined.

For those who aren’t familiar with Google Plus, here is a brief overview of its use: it basically is Google’s new social network, that combines features of both the most popular social networks Twitter and Facebook. It’s advantage is that your contacts and friends can be categorised into groups called circles according to their importance. It provides a sort of ‘filing system’ allowing to separate your personal and professional contacts in very simple way and share the relevant information accordingly. Also, the same person can be added in several circles. Add New Look Holidays Google Plus and get regular newsletters with special offers and discounts on cosmetic surgery treatments you may be interested in.

Have you got experience with New Look Holidays? Then share your experience on social networks, post the pictures of your new, better-looking self and spread the good word!


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