Does fat transfer to the buttock really work?

► What is fat transfer?
► How is fat transfer performed?
► Fat grafting results

Your self-confidence may be shattered if you do not have shapely behind, while the rest of your body might have a curvy character. You may feel out of proportion. However, we can help you by suggesting trendy technique called fat transfer.


► What is fat transfer?

Fat transfer, Brazilian butt lift or fat grafting how is it often called is the injection of fat cells which is injected to various body parts, usually buttocks to increase its volume and definition. Fat must be refined, harvested and washed before it is injected.


General liposuction will not help in this case, since it does not produce living fat cells. Fat transfer involves a natural and gentle curve to the behind by means of liposuction which is minimally invasive from the saddle bags, “love handles“ or lower back of your body and transfer of fat cells.

► How is fat transfer performed?

The treatment is normally performed under local anaesthesia. Your plastic surgeon quarantees the use of small equiplemt, so neither incisions nor stitches are needed within this type of cosmetic surgery. Another advantage is that there is less risk of getting infection or experiencing rejection as your own fat is injected in the desired area of your body. Moreover, the injected fat will adjust completely to the rest of your body and take on a characteristic feature of a muscle, so you do not have to be concerned about bumpy look.

► Fat grafting results

Buttoms are given a soft enhancement and subtle and plump butt with natural-looking curve is an outcome. Results are long-lasting, it is up to you, your life style and after care. You should keep your weight stable and under control. Some bruising and swelling is expected which is natural after such a procedure.

You might be able to leave hospital safely a few hours after the operation has been performed. Lymphatic massage is highly recommended.

So if you want to underline the beauty of female curves, this is the perfect way to do it in a short time and effectively without any artificial material.


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