Porcelain Veneers

Your smile is your most important feature and before you utter a word, your smile will speak volumes about you. An attractive smile can improve your entire appearance and enhance your self-esteem. Porcelain veneers look so natural that your friends and colleagues will never doubt that they are your own teeth. Veneers can quickly give you a stunning smile.

Veneers are very thin layers of porcelain that are bonded onto the front surface of a tooth producing a very strong coating which should last for many years. During preparation a tiny amount of enamel is removed from the front surface of your natural teeth. Each veneer is then accurately made in the lab to the correct thickness so that the depth of the tooth is unaltered. Each veneer can be exactly matched to the colour and translucency of your neighbouring teeth.


  • Spaces between teeth and unevenly spaced teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Permanently stained or discoloured teeth
  • Misshapen, chipped or crooked teeth


Firstly we will send you reply by e-mail in 24 hours with more details of your stay which will give an overview of the chosen cosmetic surgery procedure with a link to an online Medical Questionnaire. Alternatively you can complete a Medical Questionnaire now.

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